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          Don't take off the screw
          Auther: Pubdate:2018-09-10

          Guangzhou sheng feng hardware screws on the production of various applied to panel: not to take off the screw, also called spring screw.Don't take off the screw is riveted on the iron plate can be free to twist into a twist screws, under the principle to see this page attached animation process, the whole thing can firmly set on the front panel is not from the panel, so also do not say out screw.The cylindrical hand screw set pressure generally has a straight grain, in order to hand twist or manual tight, at the same time it also called purchase often-expensive screws or hand twist screws.

          Not to take off the panel screw (spring screw) can be used to install the PCB, account for only a tiny space.Purchase often-expensive screw pressure riveting, with embossed tooth, being connected to chassis or thin coin hole (note: the sheet correspond to the hole diameter of the spring screw tooth diameter pressure has certain requirements, please refer to the following the technical parameters of the Ming), forming a exposed screw spring, with the hand twist at the other end (that is, the hand twist end). Because of its fixed with spring inside, screw in and out of the back and forth relative to the other side of the sheet.This scheme solves the problem often need to remove the screw, and very convenient and practical.

          Can view the loose screw renderings after installed on the panel

          Don't take off the screw type are many, the following is the most commonly used several kinds:

          Purchase often-expensive screw
          Don't take off the screw
          The panel screws
          Spring screws
          Spring screws
          Pine is not to take off the screws
          Panel screws
          Unloosening screw
          Spring screws
          The combination of pressure riveting screw

          , of course, in addition to the above several standard our company produce all kinds of strange not to take off the screws, can according to user requirements production as the samples of non-standard loose screw

          For standard PF11 / PF12 below not to take off the screw sample/picture/drawings/technical reference is introduced:

          Don't take off the screw

          Name: not to take off the screw, panel screws, spring purchase often-expensive screws
          Left a small specifications of the loose not screw specifications for PF11 M3-0, specifications for the M5-1
          Material: carbon steel screws, carbon steel pressure riveting, aluminum hand twist set of combination;Stainless steel screws, stainless steel pressure riveting series, aluminum screw set of the combination of hand
          Suzhou pan screw is not out of panel production, quality first-class, besides spring outsourcing of form a complete set, all the rest of the parts manufactured by the company to complete, strictly control the quality, relative to the import of loose not to take off the screw and side has the very high cost performance, and its quality completely with alternative.

          Spring screws
          Left for PF11 M6-2 loose screw.
          Spring screws of the panel (not to take off the screw) structure is divided into several parts:
          1, screw part (fastening on the other side of the chassis plate on it, usually made of carbon steel and stainless steel, head type with cross or slotted for the tool to tighten, left for 11 word trough, if there are no special instructions, our company is the default for this groove note.)
          2, hand twist (usually straight lines, material is usually aluminium, sometimes need to according to the need for black aluminium oxide, such as the right)
          3, pressure riveting set (riveted panel on it)
          Four, spring (easy to screw out of the indentation and let whole parts out)
          After completion of each parts production, assembly into one part and will hand twist extrusion with pressure riveting pieces by spring set together, form a complete loose screw spring panel.
          Loose screw PF11

          Guangzhou sheng peak production of the spring screw has high cost performance.
          Various other types of unloosening screw price is very favourable, specific prices are welcome to inquire
          Left specifications of loose not to take off the spring specifications for PF11 M4-0 and PF11 M4-1 (the hand of a spring screw twist aluminum set to black oxidation and the screw part for black nickel plating, to match the special use environment such as chassis panel as black when using the same color)

          The attached PF11 PF12 PF21 PF22 loose not to take off of the installation of the spring screw and specifications list:
          (in the table below for the commonly used standard specifications, if you need the mark not to take off the spring screw can be made according to user's need)
          Don't take off the screw parameters and installation of products

          Tooling hint: these tools are generally the user from already do, may refer to below
          PF11 loose screw     

          Pine is not to take off the drawings of the screw:
          Loose screws
          Metric specifications PF11, PF12 doesn't screw standard (MM) :
          Loose screws
          American screw standard size detail specifications of the spring panel (in inches) :
          American-made loose screw specifications
          The difference between PF11 and PF12
          PF12 loose screw

          The difference between the PF11 and PF12 loose not to take off the screw:
          Left in the two not to take off the screw for knurled PF11 type compared with no knurling PF12 type, the size of the two kinds of models and other reference exactly the same, the difference is:
          PF11 don't screw off hand twist the handle to plays a role of anti-skid tooth hilt with straight grain, as on the left side of the a and the above three figure in this page;
          PF12 loose not screw off hand twist the handle without any grain of light handle, such as this one left in the right.
          Most use environment for PF11 not to take off the screw type, also have a few users tend to choose PF12 type light hand shank twist screws. Please users to choose
          PF11 12 class not to take off the screw parts material
          This is my company PF11 12 class not to take off the screw parts of material and other parameters (heat treatment, surface treatment, etc.) :
          PART name PART Material MATERAIL Brand N.O Heat treatment hardness The SURFACE of the SURFACE
          Knobs shear: Aluminum 6061 aluminum There is no natural Natural/Black
          RETAINER riveting set: Carbon steel 1215 fast cutting steel carburizing HV380-450 Nickel
          SCREW screws: Stainless steel 304 stainless steel There is no natural Natural
          SPRING SPRING, Stainless steel 304 stainless steel Solid fusion natural Natural
          About the screw groove

          PF11 series not to take off the screw according to industry standards, the screw groove type was divided into cross, meters, hex, plum blossom, trough type such as a word.My company default groove to 11 characters, without special instructions we default to 11 characters, namely the trough type:

          Eleven words is the most common and adaptation of a head type, in order to improve the cost performance, our company internal unified screw groove, if you have the specified head type, please inform me in advance, we can produce according to customer's requirements, the PS: regardless of the channel, the user to select for the entire product (see top) does not affect unit price.

          PF11 class loose screw installation tooling design
          Don't take off the screw of the tooling design
          The male
          The screw thread Lower die tooling base size Press the punch size
          S K A
          Code + / - 0.05 + / - 0.03 + 0.2
          M3 6.6 11.1 5
          M3.5 9.9 11.9 5.5
          M4 9.9 13.5 6
          M5 9.9 13.5 7
          M6 12.2 15.2 8
          The British
          The screw thread Lower die tooling base size Press the punch size
          S K E
          Code 002 + / -. 001 + / -. + 0.02
          440 260. 437. 0.192
          632 390. 468. 0.218
          832 390. 531. 0.244
          032 390. 531. 0.27
          0420 480. 598. 0.33
          The above tooling suggest material SKD11 or similar material performance
          Loose screw pressure riveting process is as follows


          A larger PF11 class panel screw appreciation
          PF11 spring screw
          A set of sample:
          The panel screws
          Loose not to take off

          For example after installation
          Don't take off the screw of the national standard

          National standard about not to take off the screw?

          - give up the idea of a friend, not to take off the screw no national standards, international standards.My company and other domestic counterparts is performed by the standard industry standards by default.These early product standards developed by the part of the European and us companies and gradually become the standard of domestic industry.In recent years the domestic some authoritative telecom companies such as huawei has formulated the individual specifications of the patent not to take off the screw type, but its application is restricted to these within the enterprise, it is not enough to become the industry standard.

          Differentiation in fact with the industry, a growing number of fastener products are professional custom, the trend of national standard for its standardization and features can no longer meet the industry application of the tolerance, there will be more and more there is no national standard fastener products.

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