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          TPS positioning pin guide pin
          Auther: Pubdate:2018-09-12
          TPS dowel

          Name;TPS positioning pins, guide pin
          Material: stainless steel SUS303
          Specification: attach the
          USES: pressure riveting on the sheet, the other end up locating or guiding role.
          Application: the guide pin is used widely and positioning device, center of rotation and linear alignment in many aspects, such as end chamfering make match the hole is easy to install.
          TPS dowel
          Left for special material of TPS reservation pin
          Standard TPS pin is made of stainless steel SUS303, left for aluminum, custom-made according to customer's request
          TPS dowel, more other material such as carbon steel, brass, aluminum and so on all can be born in, welcome to inquire

          Metric size specifications of the positioning guide pin standard;Units: MM
          TPS dowel

          TPS specifications
          American specifications of the dowel pin: in inches (Note: the following code length is only code, the actual length of "L / 16 inches. 
          Locating pin standard

          TPS positioning pin installation method:

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