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          Insert type flush nut
          Auther: Pubdate:2018-09-13
          Piece of type nut

          Model: F;For stainless steel material: the default SUS303, at the same time can provide the carbon steel.

          Function: after pressure into a sheet and plate flat or not highlight on the surface of the plate to form internal thread。

          Insert nut can be put into thin sheet metal, hexagonal plane parallel pressure into the sheet metal and sheet metal surface after bite, so don't fall off, another and sheet metal cylinder is flush.Flush nut is designed for thickness above 1.5 mm sheet, used to require a certain tolerance, not raised at the same time, keep the smooth surface of thin panel.

          Leveled enhance the functionality of the entire assembly is installed on both sides, and the quality of decoration.Can also be used for plate bending and finalize the design.After molding, so for those chassis provides a concise method is not easy to install.The hexagonal head design ensures that the torsional strength.

          Flush nut

          Left is carbon steel galvanized plate nut

          Note that the standard in the table below, F is don't have the carbon steel of this option, and many users do not necessarily willing to adopt stainless steel, so my company also has in the production of carbon steel type nut

          The specifications of the stainless steel piece type nut description: F - M3-1 (screw M3, coping thickness 1.52)

          If you need carbon type nut, please be sure to emphasize "carbon steel" or "galvanized" to remind us.

          Production equipment are the automatic lathe, directly using hexagonal bar feeding, six set of rotary cutter lathe do industry at the same time, all of a forming process.


          Type nut drawing
          The metric system specifications of the F type nut column specifications: 
          Disc type nut specification table
          American specifications of the F type nut column specifications:
          Type nut standard
          Type nut installation method:



          Type nut installation is relatively simple, does not need to tooling, also do not need fixture, so long as has the press or hydraulic press.

          In this needless, pictured left signal method.

          Piece type nut installed push output and torque standard:
          This is the performance of the production type nut standard:

          This is the production type nut installation and test parameters:

          A larger appreciation

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