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          • SKC positioning columns

            SKC positioning columns Can make the P.C. board or parts quickly sliding in place;Only when taken out of the plate on the side of the slide to be removed. Material: stainless steel SUS303, at the same time also can provide other material ty......【點擊詳情】

          • Waterproof stud type B seal nut column BS stainless steel sealing nut colur

            B/BS type seal stud schedule of standards and specifications Applied to need to be closed at the bottom of the working environment, sometimes also called waterproof stud or nut column Sealing nut column was divided into B and BS, type B for......【點擊詳情】

          • Hexagon pressure riveting nut BOB BOBS

            Hexagon pressure riveting nut, according to the material of the different models have BOB (carbon steel hexagonal pressure riveting nut) and BOBS (not steel hexagonal pressure riveting nut), should be to use 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm sheet, th......【點擊詳情】

          • Insert type flush nut

            Model: F;For stainless steel material: the default SUS303, at the same time can provide the carbon steel. Function: after pressure into a sheet and plate flat or not highlight on the surface of the plate to form internal thread。 Insert nu......【點擊詳情】

          • TPS positioning pin guide pin

            Name;TPS positioning pins, guide pin Material: stainless steel SUS303 Specification: attach the USES: pressure riveting on the sheet, the other end up locating or guiding role. Application: the guide pin is used widely and positioning devic......【點擊詳情】

          • Don't take off the screw

            Guangzhou sheng feng hardware screws on the production of various applied to panel: not to take off the screw, also called spring screw. Dont take off the screw is riveted on the iron plate can be free to twist into a twist screws, under th......【點擊詳情】

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